Developer Guide

Full Application

You can find a working version of the full application here.

To get started with using the FAD SAAS Widget (FAD Lite) on on your HTML page, you will need three items:

  1. A script tag with a link to the JavaScript file
  2. A custom element on your HTML page where you want the FAD SAAS (FAD Lite) to appear
  3. A path where the application will live relative to the site root. For example, if you are hosting the app at https://www.example.com/search/doctors, the path you will need would be /search/doctors.

Once added to the page, your code snippet should look like this:

<fad-saas configuration-url="/site-assets/fad-configuration.json" base-url="/search/doctors" enable-fad-lite="true"></fad-saas>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://fad.dignityhealth.org/fad-saas.js"></script>

If we set the enable-fad-lite="true" as shown above, it will load FAD Lite landing page. If we set to "false" it will load FAD landing page

Please note that the order of the elements is important, and the custom element should come first.

Element Options

There are options available to further customize the behavior of the application. They are added as attributes on the custom element that you included in the browser, and are not required for the component to function.

Attribute Description Type
configuration-url Path to the JSON file that you provide string
base-url Path for FAD SaaS landing page string
enable-fad-lite Flag for Fad-lite enable boolean
True - loads Fad-lite
False - loads Fad SPA