Developer Guide

Standalone Provider Details Component

You can find a working version of the full application here.

Basic Setup

To get started with using the Provider Details component on your HTML page, you will need three items:

  1. A script tag with a link to the JavaScript file
  2. A custom element on your HTML page where you want the Provider Details to appear
  3. A valid NPI for the provider you want to display

Once added to the page, your code snippet should look like this:

<fad-provider-details npi="1234567890"></fad-provider-details>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://fad.dignityhealth.org/fad-saas.js"></script>

Please note that the order of the elements is important, and the custom element should come first.

Element Options

There are options available to further customize the behavior of the provider details component. They are added as attributes on the custom element that you included in the browser, and are not required for the component to function.

Attribute Description Type
configuration-url Path to the JSON file that you provide string
referring-url URL used in the Back to Search Results button string

With all the options added, your code snippet should look like this:

<fad-provider-details npi="1234567890" configuration-url="/path/to/configuration.json" referring-url="/search-results"></fad-provider-details>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://fad.dignityhealth.org/fad-saas.js"></script>

For information about the contents of the configuration JSON, please see the documentation in our Customization Guide.

Full Application

**Under Development**